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Our state-of-the-art milling machines can handle milling jobs for a wide range of purposes. Milling is sometimes also referred to as machining or metal removing.

Control panels

We mill control panels from aluminium. Control panels are used for different purposes in domains ranging from healthcare to machine and ship building.


We design and mill high-quality industrial casings, including casings used for protective purposes.

Carrier plates

Carrier plates or control panels are used as a foundation for the installation of touchscreens or front foils. They are often used in the medical industry and on machines.

Technical milling

Milling for a wide range of projects. Examples include milling individual letters, artworks, templates, and elements for interior construction.


at Nijdeken

We specialise in milling aluminium, stainless steel, and plastic plates. We can mill large plates, but also small models that we design in-house. Whatever the purpose, we can mill your semi-manufactured product or end product. We can also anodise your milled product for you, and complete it with your company logo to give it a professional feature.  Our team of specialists will bring your idea to life. 

There’s no job we can’t handle.