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We sometimes say that engraving is a profession in its own right. You and your products are in good hands with Nijdeken, because we are masters of our profession. Whether it be ‘simple’ engraving or ‘3D laser’ engraving of your products, we can do it all for you. Our machines can engrave in different ways and using different techniques, meaning that virtually anything is possible when it comes to engraving. At Nijdeken, customisation still comes as standard.

See below for some of our high-quality specialist services.

Recessed engraving

With this technique, material is removed from the surface to create the engraving, while the rest of the surface remains intact.

Raised engraving

The material around the text or logo is removed. The engraving will then ultimately protrude from the surface.

Engraving curved surfaces

We use this technique for text or a logo on or in a curved shape.

Laser engraving

The use of laser enables high-precision engraving (accurate to one hundredth of a millimetre).