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Stamp engraving

We first turn or mill the steel base material to the size you want and then engrave your text or logo. After engraving, the stamp is hardened and, if necessary, subjected to further grinding. We can also make special press stamps with engravings on printer blocks. You can then add custom text in your basic block, so that you can add day, month, or year codes to your stamp, for example.

All our stamps are engraved and hardened as per your drawing. We engrave them so that your text is raised from the surface. When using the stamp to press or punch, the print from the stamp appears in the material. Thanks to many years’ experience, we have the right text angle for any application to be able to guarantee a wear-resistant stamp.

Hot-branding stamps

Hot-branding stamps are used for a diverse range of purposes. They can be used to brand and mark various parts, for example to burn your logo into wood, or for branding pallets, leather, plastic, rubber, cardboard, cork, veneer, and very soft wood. Whatever the material, our electric hot-branding stamps are the perfect branding solution.

Punch stamps

We make hardened steel punch stamps with your logo or text. We offer various punch stamp diameters as standard. Punch stamps are engraved from hard-formed steel and are an ideal way to make prints on wood, leather, metal, and various plastics. If you are a goldsmith or silversmith, we can engrave your maker’s mark in our special ring stamp for you.

We make the stamps with a clean-cut print or filled letters or logos. A clean-cut print requires much less stamping power and creates more detail.

Erosion stamps

We make erosion stamps or spark machining stamps from copper or graphite. For these stamps, we use raised or recessed engraving, flat or round engraving, in 2D or 3D. We make small stamps with great precision by using laser engraving.

Copper erosion stamps last longer and can be used more often than graphite erosion stamps.


Patrix/matrix stamps

In order to press a relief in plate material, we use a stamp set made up of a patrix and a matrix. Suffice to say that these have to be carefully aligned. For small series and soft materials, a brass stamp will generally do, while large series or harder materials require a steel stamp set.

Many matrix builders have already turned to Nijdeken for their stamps. We have been engraving text and logos into matrices for years. Our state-of-the-art machines can handle large surface relief differences.