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Braille signs

You will find Nijdeken-made Braille signs at many railway stations across the Netherlands. For bus stops, too, we have made Braille signs milled entirely from a solid plate with dots. Less vandal-proof alternatives that are suitable for many Braille applications are pressed Braille plates with a specially customised stamp or a plate in which dots have been punched.

These are used in places such as train and bus stations and lifts. We will be happy to put our knowledge and experience at your disposal to help you develop your Braille signs.

Building signs

We design and engrave building signs, complete with logos and in a range of different fonts. It goes without saying that we can engrave any material you need, such as brass, aluminium, stainless steel, and various plastics.

Nijdeken can make your signs with visible or concealed fasteners (for stainless steel plates from 33mm). We can also make large stand-alone letters.


When restoring classic cars and motorcycles, the original emblem is often hard to find. This is where we come in, as we can copy the logo to perfection from examples or photos. You will not be able to tell it apart from a genuine emblem.

But there is more we can do for restorers. From trims to high-gloss polished stainless steel plates showing the car’s shift pattern.

We can make individual emblems or large series of emblems. Everything we make is made in close consultation with our customer. This way, we make something that is unique, something that adds value to the design.

Badges and nameplates

We mill most badges and nameplates from anodised aluminium sheeting, mostly with a stainless steel look.

The benefit for you is that we can make any shape and size. A new option we offer is to mill a recessed area where you can apply a different name yourself. We can also print badges in colour or use screen printing. What is the best option for you, depends on the logo and the volumes you need. Other materials are also possible.

Our badges come with a magnet fastener as standard, which does less damage to clothes than pin badges. We also have solutions for large serial production of badges. If engraving is too costly, screen printing is a good alternative for a large series.


Nijdeken can safely say that we are a world leader when it comes to making signage.

High-profile projects include signage made of brass letters with a luxurious look that we made for prominent museums. We can patinate, sand, glass shot-blast, or high-gloss polish brass letters. These brass letters were patinated, sanded, and high-gloss polished.

In and around buildings, signage is essential for a professional appearance and to help people get to where they need to be. Good signage also ensures clarity and safety.

Information signs

We always design information signs together with our customer, meaning that every sign is unique. Commonly used materials are stainless steel, brass, Corten steel, glass, and aluminium. We can engrave, lacquer, colour print, etc.