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Machine building

Nijdeken is eminently capable of milling your machine parts for your production. Together with you we will discuss your products and join your thought process.

Aluminium milling

Is our speciality

We supply milled machine parts, control panels, and touchscreen carriers. When it comes to size, we can make parts from as a small as a few millimetres to parts measuring 2,500×1,250mm. We are here to help machine builders who make packaging machines, lithographic machines, and machines for medical purposes.

Naturally, we can also take care of additional processing, such as anodising, powder coating, lacquering, engraving, and watertight sealing of components. Nijdeken can be part of your logistics process. Very convenient if you want to have a guaranteed supply of parts.

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Let us tell you all about our extensive services for the machine building industry. Simply get in touch with us.