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An essential part of electronic devices and machines is their casing. Nijdeken is the pre-eminent specialist when comes to making casings to size.

Completely assembled

We do this together with you. Sometimes you will know exactly what you want, and sometimes you will need a sparring partner, but in both cases it is good to discuss your needs with us. Thanks to our many years of experience and technical skills, we can help you either right from the start of the process or to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Together, we will make the casing of your dreams.

We offer a wide range of options in the form of milling, engraving, extruded products, and die casting. 

Surface treatment

The following finishing techniques are possible to get the end result you are looking for. Examples include:

  • anodising
  • powder coating
  • surtec-650.

A combination of these techniques is also possible, such as anodising the front and keeping the back plate conductive.

We can also engrave or screen print any text and/or logo you want.


Also when it comes to mounting the product in the casing, there are various options, such as:

      • Double-sided tape, in any required shape and with any kind of adhesive layer
      • Thread milled/tapped directly in your product with high positioning precision
      • Fitting PEM fasteners 
      • Robotised sealing of touchscreens and front foil