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At Nijdeken, the possibilities are endless

At Nijdeken, the possibilities are endless.

Nijdeken is a producer of high-quality milling parts and engraved parts. Our specialists are supremely skilled professionals who will work together with you to produce a premium product. We invest in our people, so that they can apply all their knowledge and skills to their work. This is how we maintain our place among the market leaders.

We work with different materials, ranging from plastics to aluminium and from stainless steel to brass and bronze. Our high-tech machines are among the best available in the market today and they can handle all your milling and engraving needs. Products can range from only a few millimetres to several metres in size.

Nijdeken can supply anything from single pieces to extremely large series. Thanks to our robots, we can operate 24/7 to guarantee a continuous supply of products.

We will be happy to join your thought process to find the solution that is the best fit for you. Need help making the right choice or just want to bounce ideas off of someone? Our specialists are here for you.

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Stable quality, high precision, and flexibility



What makes our working methods unique, is that Nijdeken has the ability to combine all its production techniques. This way, you get a product that exactly matches your needs.

We are extremely proud that our team of specialists can provide you with customized solutions.


We sometimes say that engraving is a profession in its own right. You and your products are in good hands with Nijdeken.

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Our state-of-the-art milling machines can handle milling jobs for a wide range of purposes.

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Die Casting

Die casting is the casting of aluminium in dies.

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Etching is a surface treatment method in which a surface is treated with a substance to trigger a chemical reaction that partly dissolves the surface material.

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Extrusion is the process of heating up aluminium to make it malleable and then forcing it through a die.

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